Troyka My Club Portal allows each club member to order sport items we offer (Troyka rep team jersey, Troyka sport bag and other items). The following are instructions how to order sport items.
Ordering Sport Items Instructions
Please note that ordering if sport items is based on individual members. When ordering sport items you will have to first select a member from your family or yourself (if orderingfor yoursef) and then proceed with ordering individual sport items. This system is implemented so we can properly track and manage specifics related to each sport items (size, number, person’s last name and other).   
1. Go to Troyka My Club Portal
2. Login into the portal
3. Select Buy Sport Items option
4. Choose member option will be presented, Click on this and select a member from your family portal that you want to buy sport items for and click Next button (upper right corner)
5. List of sport items will be provided. Select one item that you would like to purchase and click Next button (upper right corner)
6. Sport item details will be presented. Fill in required fields. If some of the fields may not be applicable to the sport item you are ordering please leave these fields blank. When this is done please click on Add.
7. Ordered item will be presented at the bottom of the page.
8. If you would like to add more items please repeat steps 5 and 6.
9. When you are done with ordering sport items for this member please click Close button.
10. If you would like to check invoice for the ordered items please click on View/Edit Invoices
11. To process payment of this invoice please follow the steps outlined on the page Payments.
12. If you would like to order sport items for another member from your family please repeat steps from 1-9.
13. Status of your sport items can be tracked under the link My Sport Items.